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101 | Aoradh Meditation Walk FREE (Inactive)

Friday 5th October | Any
Start and Finish Location: Puck's Glen / Benmore
Distance: 1 mile
Grade: 1 (Grade Information)
Dogs: Dogs Allowed
Facilitator: AORADH
This event is booked outwith Cowal Fest, please refer to the description for details.

Aoradh (meaning ‘adoration’) is a community of people who live in and around Dunoon who are seeking creative ways to explore faith. We are greatly influenced by our beautiful location. In the past, our activities have often involved setting up installations and ‘open spaces’, into which we invite others to make their own spiritual encounters.

This meditation walk will involve a series of ‘stations’ along the old road track that connects Benmore Gardens with the bottom of Pucks Glen. The stations will invite people to linger, perhaps engage in simple rituals, or to immerse themselves in the poetry to be found in wild places. We believe that to be fully present in wild places, sometimes we need to move slowly, to look softly, to allow some emptiness and to let our hearts create for us.

Start/Finish: Puck's Glen / Benmore Gardens or reverse. Park: Puck's Glen Forest car park GR NS146838 or Benmore Gardens car park GR NS143854
Aoradh Meditation Walk  FREE
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